1 thought on “16. PKM in Action”

  1. I’ve quite enjoyed this training, Harold.

    It’s reinforced so many of my practices and I believe you have a deep understanding of the natural elements at play in learning.

    Additionally, the PKM space has added practices and descriptions of words I hadn’t thought to consider, I.e. perpetual beta – act, feedback and reorganizing for future acts. As well as neo-generalist which fits my way of being and exploring implicitly with an outcome I hadn’t intended yet still it occured.

    I’m looking forward to returning at a later day once I’ve digested what you’ve offered. My processing plate is small due to my realization that my processor is slow and deep.

    The break afford me time while I notice what has being activated through a series of various acts in a variety of environments.

    What I’ve come to realize is the link between environment and perception. If multiple environments reject a perspective I need to reevaluate my perspective or wait a while, time between is quickening. Also if I have different outcomes in a variety of environments I may have to be more selective in choosing the environments explored and how or if I engage. Lastly, I could try to create unique descriptive perspectives for each various environment which is the long haul goal.

    Well done and thanks!

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